Editor's note: The comments below are from parents who have been using our Elementary Spanish program. In fact, some have been using our program for years, going back to our broadcast days on C-band satellite and The Learning Channel. We look forward to making our lessons conveniently and cost-effectively available to many more families and home schools around the country. 

"Everything has gone great. Jessie even had a chance to use Spanish with a Girl Scout leader one day. So, she was happy she really did remember what to say in a conversation... [she's] been out at a Girl Scout camp... [because] she could speak another language, it helped her get a patch."

The Chapman family

"Our homeschool group is so thrilled with progress the kids are making. It is very exciting. We have four six-year olds and two seven-year olds that are picking up everything so quickly. We also have younger siblings (ages three and four) that are watching the video portion at home with their older siblings and singing the Welcome Song, La Bamba, and the Color Song on a regular basis. We are seeing firsthand, the younger, the better!"

New Life Home Educators

"I ordered your Spanish program because I truly believe you are on target teaching the language. I am an American with Cuban parents. I speak both languages, mainly English. I have four children between the ages of eight and one. My eight-year old and three-year old LOVE your songs. Your teachers have a PERFECT accent, this was one of my main concerns. I did not want them to learn Spanish an American accent, which is what I found happened in other programs. Your classroom setting keeps them very focused. I like the repetition your programs offer... I would definitely recommend your Spanish course to anyone that is interested. I feel your videos are top of the line."

The Baker family


Editor's note: Our sincere thanks to the teachers and administrators who took the time out of their busy schedule to share these comments with us and with you. Please visit our Links and Resources section for some great ideas about what some of our schools and students have done with their Elementary Spanish program!


"We love it! The coordinators at NAU have done a fine job. Your Spanish Television Teacher is very personable and very clear in his expectations."

Pam Hampton, Head Teacher
Kirkland Elementary School, Arizona

"The Paradise Valley School District is using the Elementary Spanish Program at NAU, and I believe the program has been an important part of our District's attempt to meet the Arizona Department of education mandate in the area of foreign language.

In a time of financial constraints the NAU Spanish Program has provided a cost-effective way for us to meet the mandate. The materials are user friendly and have been accepted by the teachers and school administrators. When implemented properly, the students enjoy the program, Also, the staff at NAU has been supportive in the implementation and have been a source for in-service and training. We plan continued use of these materials."

Don Skawski, Asst. Superintendent for Educational Services
Paradise Valley Unified School District No. 69, Arizona

"The younger children, Grades 1-3, really enjoy the songs and puppets... The short videos are also a favorite of the younger children... Weekly review of previously learned vocabulary is most helpful...

The length of the videos is appropriate, not too long and not too brief... The format of the program is well organized and easy for the teacher to follow. Each lesson comes with a clearly identified activity sheet to review each lesson... Teacher preparation is realistic; even a teacher who is not fluent in Spanish does not need to spend too much time preparing for weekly lessons."

Holly Riddle, Teacher
Alloway Township School, New Jersey

"We purchased Northern Arizona University Spanish because of its teacher "friendliness." The pronunciation is sound (I had this checked out) unlike some other programs. Since our district could not afford a foreign language instructor, Señor Morris was the next best thing. The students identify with Scott as their TV teacher; the rapport does come through!

This is a very cost effective program. So far, my entire staff has learned to effectively implement foreign language instruction that meets with our state standards. Some teachers, of course, do more than others, but the children are involved and seem to be motivated to learn Spanish and use it in everyday conversation. As another indicator, the bulletin boards throughout the building are filled with various displays that use Spanish...

I have recommended this program to all the schools in my county. We have had site visits from 20 different school districts. I used in-class demonstration and teacher-to-teacher discussions (rather than my say so) because of how comfortable the staff is with the program and because the children indicate excellent effort on the "tests" at the end of each unit."

Lyn Gallagher, Principal
John F. Kennedy School, New Jersey

"Compared to other text and/or video-based programs, this was the best one... The students love it and the teachers, who do not speak Spanish, have been most receptive and cooperative. The students and teachers readily participate in the lessons. The children love to communicate with others in Spanish, and can also explain what they are saying to those of us who do not understand the language... Our teachers recommend the program to anyone."

Sheila Shea Hager, Chief School Administrator
Lower Alloways Creek School, New Jersey

[We bought the Elementary Spanish program to use] "as an after-school Spanish program. [We particularly like] the songs and culture sections."

Jennifer Schwester, Teacher
Oak Hill Academy, New Jersey

"The program, which was implemented in September, 1998, was enjoyed by teachers and students while addressing the New Jersey Department of Education's Core Curriculum Content Standards.

The teaching staff stated that the program not only teacher-friendly but was organized in a manner to adapt well into the time constraints of the instructional day. The children stated that they looked forward to the program and felt that learning Spanish was one of highlights of their school year. Additionally, the staff was extremely helpful in the implementation process, always available to answer questions or offer suggestions."

Donna Agnew, Superintendent
Quinton Township School, New Jersey

(Potpourri of teachers' thoughts)
"I like the repetition... Yes, it is effective... I would recommend this to others because you can learn... I knew a little Spanish before and I am using a few new words... Some of my Latino students really help with the lessons... Good exposure and great cultural information... What I like is the short format, easy prep, fast pace, variety offered (video clips, real people, music, etc.)... I like how it reinforces our other curriculum areas."

Mike Hood, Principal
Creslane Elementary School, Oregon

"The program allows teachers to integrate Spanish into the classroom in their own time. This is the beauty of having the tapes ahead of time and lessons. You can go at whatever pace you want to."

Joan Harding, Technology Coordinator,
Jewell School #8

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