Meet Patrick Martin


Patrick began his study in holistic wellness in 1975 with Yang style Tai Chi Master Waysun Liao at the Tai Chi Tao Center in Chicago, Illinois. In conjunction with his tai chi practice he attended a four-year program under the guidance of Sri Goswami Kriyananda at the Temple of Kriya Yoga, also in Chicago. At the Kriya Yoga Temple, Patrick studied and practiced in many disciplines, from Eastern mysticism, Zen Buddhism, and Yogic philosophy to Hatha Yoga practice and teaching.

His studies at the Temple of Kriya Yoga stirred an even greater passion for Tai Chi. In 1989 he traveled to Mainland China to study and practice the authentic Chen-style Tai Chi with Grand Master Chen Zhenglei, who is considered one of the ten most prominent Tai Chi Masters in China today. After an intensive two-month study, including six hours of form practice per day, six days a week, Patrick was welcomed and recognized through his Tai Chi performance at Chenjiagou (Chen Village), the birthplace of Chen Style Tai Chi. Patrick continues his study under the guidence of Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei to this day.

Patrick has studied with other prominent Chen Masters, and has participated in numerous workshops with well-respected Tai Chi Masters, including Master George Xu in San Francisco and Master Tsang Xia Xing from China. In July 2006 Patrick participated in the International Forum on Taijiquan in Thunder Bay, Canada, where he performed before a panel of seven Grand Masters from China and around the world.

In 1990 Patrick moved to Flagstaff from Chicago and began teaching the authentic Chen style Tai Chi. In 1992 he was invited to teach through Employee Assistance and Wellness at Northern Arizona University.

Patrick’s book "Beginning Tai Chi with Patrick Martin" was published in 2001 to accompany his video series which airs regularly. His six part Beginning Tai Chi video series can be seen on the Dish Network [channel 9411] as well as Flagstaff cable channels 4 and 59. Patrick continues to present classes and programs through Northern Arizona University, and offers workshops throughout the United States on managing stress through Tai Chi. His classes at Northern Arizona University are offered through both the Employee Assistance and Wellness office, and through the Department of Health Sciences, College of Health and Human Services.

"Real Tai Chi is moving qi gong, internal energy work. (the practice in becoming a conscious participant in our own internal process, the process of homeostasis). Otherwise it’s just a dance of separate body parts with no substance, no gong fu." - Patrick Martin