Educational Systems Programming

Welcome to Elementary Spanish! For almost two decades, Northern Arizona University's Elementary Spanish programs have been among the leading programs of choice for distance learning foreign language education.


Your Teachers Do Not Need to Know Spanish

The Elementary Spanish program is designed so that even the non-speaking Spanish parent or teacher can use the lessons easily and effectively. With our dvds, parents or teachers can pause and play at will or jump to any desired section as needed.

The program was created with a two-year alternating curriculum where two grades are combined and both grades are studying the same content in any given school year. One year is Units 1-5 and the alternating year is Units 6-10. The curriculum is designed to facilitate student entrance at the beginning of either year of the curriculum. The first year of instruction assumes that there are both continuing students and entering students, so we work on reviewing as well as introducing a common base of knowledge for that year's instructional themes. The rest of the year's instruction builds on that initial unit. The entire curriculum is spiraled for both foreign language elements and thematic content throughout the six years of programs. This approach originated with our beginnings as a distance education course, during which we had both continuing and entering schools at every grade level, every year.

National Standards for Foreign Language Learning

Our programs use current foreign language instructional strategies which are adapted for distance delivery. We incorporate the National Standards for Foreign Language Learning. The spiral curriculum allows students to start lessons at their current grade level and in either year of the alternating curriculum. We bring the many cultures of the Hispanic world alive in an authentic and age appropriate way, including special Day of the Dead lessons for each program.